Supporting Documentation To help you on your journey
Support Documentation 
You are invited to view and down load documentation to support your training, if you have information or documents that you feel that your club can benifit from, send it by email and if we agree we can share it for others.
  1. Kyodai Syllabus
    To help you with your training, you can Down Load your Syllabus. The whole syllabus is available, however remember you should concerntrate on only your required Kyo Grade.
  2. Warm up Exercises
    To help in your development, we have supplied you with the Governing bodies Warm up techniques.
  3. Tying Your Belt
    How to Tie Your Belt Simple Diagrams to take you through stage by stage to Tie your Belt
  4. Contact Points
    Diagrams indicating Striking points of the hands & Feet, hopefully useful to ensure that you are use the right part of the limb.
  5. Pressure Points
    Diagram of the Bodies Pressure points. To be only practiced by Brown Belt Students & above and only in the Dojo. Severe penalties will be issued if found to dis-regard this warning.
  6. Kicks
    The picture help you to identify the different kicks used in karate, more of a study guide as you go through your journey as a karate student.
  7. 1st Kata Map
    This diagram should help you understand where your feet go in your first Kataes.
  8. Specific Strike Points
    This document shows the specific strike points of different parts of the Body, Knee, Fingers, ball of foot etc..
  9. Nutritional Guide
    The following is a nutritional guide, to help you understand the phase you are what you eat, It helps in the understanding of the nutritional value and supports you in your training.
Warm up 
Tying Your Belt
Conact Points
Pressure Points
1st Kata Map
Specific Strike Points
Nutritional Guide