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30 years of Karate & Still Learning
Sensei Tony Cullen, 3rd Dan​​

Took up Judo in 1976 for 2 years
Joined the Royal Navy for 8 years, in which he boxed for 6 years, reaching the quarter finals of the ABA's in1981, in that time winning the Naval Championships twice and reaching the finals 5 times.
He Trained and took part in the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition.  
Represented the Fleet Air Arm in Athlectics.
In 1984 Competed in the 1st London Triathlon.

He started Kyokushin Karate in 1986 with his brother in a small school hall in Greenwich.
Volunteering for the local Gymnastics Club in 1989 became a level 3 Gymnastics Coach.

Having a hard time training his legs he decided to join a  Taekwando club in 1990, over the 2 years he never actually graded only concentrating on training those legs.

1986 - Karate Journey Starts
1998 - NVQ Coaching Certificate
1999 -1st Dan Grading 
2004 - 2nd Dan Grading
2006 - Referee Certificate Association
2016 - 3rd Dan Grading